hi, i'm laura and you're going to be good at this


Dylan O’Brien makes an appearance on the set of Univision’s Despierta America to promote The Maze Runner (August 28th)

You’re my best friend,
                                and  I  n e e d  y o u .

We protect those who cannot protect themselves / I’m going to save everyone

on my way to my first german class (hell yeah) i saw a boy that looked EXACTLY like dylan o’brien with a buzzcut and i think even my vagina started sweating

"It’s weird for me. I came from theater in Detroit. I’m like a small town kind of girl, so it is a little strange for me. I don’t really see myself in the public eye and I don’t really want to be. I just want to do good work."

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Malia + shorts

tumblr can be such a lil bitch when it comes to sending/receiving messages